Committees & Organizations

1969-1976                   Chairman, Research Committee, Sports and P.E. Authority, Ministry of Education and Culture, Israel

1970-1972                   Chairman, Track and Field Technical Committee, Israel Sports Federation

1972                            National Representative, International Council for Sports and Physical Education (I.C.S.P.E. -C.I.E.P.S.), Munich

1973                            Member, Board of Directors, School of Physiotherapy,Kupat Cholim and Wingate Institute

1974-1978                   Member, Board of Directors, the Wingate Institute

1975                            Chairman, Israel Prize Referee Panel (Physical Culture)

1975-1981                   Member, Board of Trustees, The Wingate Institute for Physical Education and Sport

1975-1976                   Member, “Montreal Games” Committee, Israel Sports Federation

1976-1981                   Member, Sports Medicine Committee, Sports and P.E. Authority, Ministry of Education and Culture, Israel

1976                            National Representative, Research Committee of the International Council for Sports and Physical Education (I.C.S.P.E. – C.I.E.P.S.), Quebec City

1977-1981                   Member, Board of Trustees, The Physical Education Teacher’s College at the Wingate Institute

1978-1979                   Chairman, Accreditation Committee on Therapeutic Gymnastics (appointed by Secretary General, Ministry of Health, Israel)

1979-1980                   Liaison, American Academy of Pediatrics, Committee on Pediatric Aspects of Physical Fitness, Recreation and Sports (representing American College of Sports Medicine)

1981                            Chairman, Committee for Planning a Fitness Test in the Israeli School System (Ministry of Education and Culture)

1981                            President, Israel Medical Games (Sports Committee)

1983-1985                   Member, Task Force on Sports Medicine, McMaster University

1984-1992                   President, International Council on Physical Fitness Research

1985-1990                  Liaison, American Academy of Pediatrics, Committee on Sports Medicine (representing the Canadian Pediatric Society)

1985-1987                   Chairman, American Medical Association Panel on Participation of the Pre-adolescent in Sports

1985-2005                   Member, International Advisory Committee, The Howard and Mary Edith Cosell Center for Physical Education, Leisure and Recreation, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel

1986-1987                   President-Elect, Canadian Association of Sports Sciences

1987-1988                   President, Canadian Association of Sports Sciences

1988-1990                   Board Member, Canadian Fitness & Lifestyle Research Institute

1988-1989                   Executive and Board Member, Sports Medicine   Council of Canada

1988-1989                 Past-President, Canadian Association of Sports Sciences

1989-2005                 Board Member, American College of Sports Medicine

1990-2005                 Consultant, American Academy of Pediatrics, Committee on Sport Medicine and Fitness

1992-2005                  Board Member, Gatorade Sports Science Institute, Sports Medicine Board

1992-1994                  Vice President, American College of Sport Medicine

1994-1996                  Chairman, Ad Hoc Committee on Pediatric Exercise. American College of Sports Medicine

1994-2005                  Board member, North American Society for Pediatric Exercise Medicine

1996-2005                  Chairman, International Relations Committee American College of Sports Medicine

1996-2005                  Member, External Advisory Committee Center for Prevention Research in Native Americans, University of Oklahoma

1997-2005                  Member, Advisory Board, Sports Select

2000-2003                 Chair, The Foundation for Active Healthy Kids

2000-2005                 Member, Children & Youth Advisory Committee, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

2001-2005                 Member, Editorial Board, Current Sports Medicine Reports

2001-2005                 Consultant, Advisory Committee on Healthy Active Living for Children and Youth, Canadian Pediatric Society

2001-2005                  Board Member, Obesity Canada

2001-2005                  Member, Hamilton Community Foundation

2001-2005                  Member, Task Force on ACSM’s National & International Alliances

2002-2005                  Member, Panel on Dietary Reference Intakes for Electrolyes and Water – National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C.

2002-2005                  AAP Representative for National Athletic Trainers’ Association Task Force on Exertional Heat Illness

2002-2005                  Secretary, Obesity Canada

2003                           Member, Advisory Board of Human Movement Journal